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Testimonies and ‘word from the streets’ about friends of The Storehouse Movement

Cross Training Center – Changing Lives

On the journey of life, our students come to us for guidance, safety, and hope.  They are experiencing brokenness, grief and distress due to the overwhelming obstacles of living in poverty.  Most of them are on a course that has been set for many generations.  It takes a lot to get a person on a path of correction because the tendency is to continue down the same old road.

At the Cross Training Center we know that education is the ticket out of poverty and we are here to help our students change the path they are on.  With education and training, they start on a journey of hope, restoration and change.  We help them change the course for themselves and their family by making education and career choices.  We celebrate those who work hard to change their circumstances.  I hope you’re inspired by these stories of real people, real lives and real change.

It was a Tuesday morning when the call came in from Bernice.  She had seen a flier about our computers for sale. After explaining to her the cost was $100, she hesitantly asked “Is it a real computer”? She then explained that her son was turning 13 and wanted a computer for his birthday – it would be the first computer the family had ever owned. As a single parent with 3 children, she was barely making ends meet and the idea of being able to afford a computer was a huge stretch.

Her and the kids showed up the next day – when the boy realized they were choosing a computer to take home; he was ecstatic. He hugged us and jumped up and down with excitement.   He kept saying thank you and asking if it was really his.  The younger girls were just as ecstatic and wow what a proud mom Bernice was.  Tears fell as she thanked us and gathered the kids in the car and off they went.

Tobias Family Update

Matthew and Carolyn Tobias live in Albuquerque, NM with their 3 children- Alana, Callum and Eden. They moved to NM in July, 2011. Prior to their move, both Matthew and Carolyn had extensive involvement in artistic endeavors- Matthew as a full time freelance drummer for the last 17 years, and Carolyn with many years of experience on and back stage for a variety of theater productions. They moved to Albuquerque to live and work in close proximity to the creative community there. Albuquerque is a city where much of the creative life of the city- studios, gallery spaces, work and residential areas- are centered in a relatively small area.
The Tobias’ desire to see artists come to relationship with their Creator, the one in whose image they are made, and the one in whom their creative impulses are rooted. Beyond salvation, they believe artists can (and should) be operating in a prophetic/creative role by pointing toward both the present reality of pain, suffering and hope in a fallen world and also toward that day when God completes His work on the earth by announcing that all of Creation has been restored to Him!

Matthew and Carolyn also carry a burden for the Body of Christ to once again engage culture on all levels (and all forms of “expression”) to be agents of God’s redemptive work to redefine, reclaim and redeem ALL that God has made and called good.

For more information on their work and how you can get involved, please email Matthew at

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