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Summer Update from Haiti

July 29, 2013

Dear Friends & Family,

The last couple of months has seemed like a whirlwind to us.  At the end of May, Kendra brought in a team from Omaha. They are a wonderful group of people and it was a delight to host them. While they were here they conducted music class and crafts for all the schoolchildren. They held a field day for the school and also took one class to the beach for a field trip. It was great having Kendra here and seeing her flourish in her role as a leader.  

Brad, Emma, and Kara left with the team and have been staying with Brian’s parents this summer. They are having a blast there; however, it has been a little weird here without them. At first it was kind of neat because we realized how little we spend on food when they are gone! But now we are really missing them and ready to get to Omaha to spend time with them. Emma and Kara will come back to Haiti with us then. Brad will be staying in Omaha until December. We have talked about letting each of the kids stay there for a portion of their senior year so that they can get a job and begin to save money for a car, college, etc. He will also be taking his ACT’s for college entrance and continuing in homeschool, as well as getting his driver’s license.

Since they have left, Brian has been working on the building of the clinic and finished up the building of 6 latrines for the  project that he did last year. He also just received word that Cross will be granting us the money for 6 more new houses that he will build by the end of spring next year. As far as the building of the clinic goes, he has the walls, floor, windows and doors on but the roof will have to wait until more money is raised. I have continued with my English class and am at the halfway point, with 3 more months left once we return. I had started with 10 students in the class and it is now shrunk to 6 left.  When school starts in September, I will start as the school nurse.  It will mainly involve seeing the kids when they are sick, as well as, handling the 2 physicals per year that need to be done on them.

Please continue to pray for us in regards to getting the tap-tap business going. We are still waiting on paperwork. Here in Haiti, paperwork can take forever. Hopefully it should be done and ready by next week, however, we have thought that before, so please pray! Money has also started to come in for our homebuilding fund but we still have a long way to go. Please pray for us in that endeavor as well. We are really excited about the possibilities of “belonging” in the community that having our own home will provide.

Since we will be in Omaha for a month, we want to be able to see and catch up with as many of you as we can. We greatly appreciate all you do for us.

Love you all and hope to see you soon,


Please continue to pray as the Lord would lead for us. God is so good, and we continually need your prayers. If you would like to donate to us, please send checks with a note designated to Brian & Cody to: Much Ministries, Inc.

P.O. Box 24599

St Simons Island, GA 31522

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