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Albuquerque Update – June/July 2013

July 12, 2013


loving the peoplebehind the ART

Matthew just finished 9 days in the studio, recording a worship album with Drew Weir and team from Kearney, NE. The project had a lofty goal to get all the tracking done for 10 songs, however Matt enjoyed reconnecting with the team he first met 18mths ago at a Storehouse retreat.

To free up some beds in our home, Carolyn and the kids took a quick trip to Omaha for a week. [God provided gas $ even while we were there!] We drove into Omaha in the rain, it rained during our visit and we met rain on the way out of town….Ah Ah…it was refreshing. Time with Grandma and Grandpa, swimming lessons and reconnecting with friends were the highlights for the kids. Watching God refresh the kids was the best gift for mommy!

Our kids are key to what God has for us here and it has been emotionally/spiritually tiring for them to be Kingdom standard bearers. This week in the news, New Mexico is the lowest state in the nation for child quality of life. (Two weeks ago in the news, 30% of children in the state are hungry at any moment!) Alana, Callum and I went to be with the Hub family one night. 

We returned this week to participate in a spontaneous street garage sale on Saturday and we will host the 3rd Annual Summer BBQ at our house at the end of July.

Matthew, Carolyn, Alana, Callum & Eden

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