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Greetings from Haiti!

November 6, 2012

October 7, 2012

Dear Friends and Family,

We have been in Haiti for a month now and are finally starting to get settled in to our home, the culture, the neighborhood, and our new lifestyle.

Today is Sunday, and we usually look forward to being able to sleep in, as Sunday morning is usually a quiet time in Jubilee. The other mornings are very noisy with people getting up early to work, to school (which is right under us), and to go about their normal day. However, this morning I knew something was out of the ordinary because it was even noisier than usual. Apparently a couple of 17 year old boys, with the help of a local business man to fund them financially, had built a one person airplane and they were going to see if it would fly today. The air seemed alive with excitement. Later they did try to fly it, not getting off the ground yet, but it was exciting to see the attempt. Who would have thought that two 17 year olds with the help of youtube would try and set out to accomplish this great thing?

That is a part of life here in Jubilee…the beautiful and encouraging mixed with the devastatingly hard realities that have become our everyday. While in the midst of the hard things here; it seems that the little joys are that much more joyful and exciting.

Speaking of the hard things, Brian will be walking in the funeral this afternoon for one of the friends here in Jubilee. His 12 yr old daughter died a couple days ago, a very unexpected tragedy, as she had a fever for 3 days and then just died before any test results from the hospital came back. Please pray for this family, that the Lord would comfort them in their grief and He would make Himself known to them in a greater way than ever before.

I have been helping in the clinic with a lady that had a seizure and fell into her cooking fire, getting burns over one leg, partially on another leg, and one arm from the elbow down. Kezia, who is one of the nurses here, has been teaching me how to scrub her burns to remove the scar tissue. She has to be scrubbed everyday. It is incredibly painful for her and the only thing we have to give her is vicodin.  We are on the 2nd week of it and we will probably have to scrub her for about 2-3 months. It is by far the hardest thing I have had to do here yet, and I know it can get worse. 

Brian started to work on the next project of houses but due to an issue concerning funds, he has to slow the work down. Please pray that the funding would be available for us soon.

The girls have started working in the school, helping with the preschool classes. They were even able to substitute for one of the teachers that was sick last week. I think it was very stretching for them but really good. Brad has started going out and playing basketball with some of the neighborhood boys. Please pray that all of the kids would make genuine friends here in the community soon. Homeschool has been going well and we are adjusting to that. One of the teachers, Julie, has agreed to teach the girls geometry as I have not been very good at it (Thank God for Julie!).

Last week we were really feeling homesick. It has been a very difficult adjustment and it hasn’t been easy, especially without Kendra. Please continue to pray for us.

Thanks for all your prayers and support. We love you all.


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