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Update from Lindsay Blake

March 30, 2012

Hello friends!

Happy New Year!
I pray 2012 is starting off well for everyone!

I left Kona 38 days ago.
I spent 80 hours traveling.
I’ve been in South Sudan for 34 days.

My team has seen 17 salvations.
All 7 students have delivered at least 3 fiery sermons.
We’ve discipled many South Sudanese through Bible studies and a youth camp.
We’ve prayed over countless South Sudanese.

We’ve talked and prayed with 1 Major General in the SPLA.
We’ve talked and prayed with the South Sudan Speaker of Parliament [second in line – after the Vice President – to take on the presidency role].

We are nearly finished building our first rain catchment tank that will hold 800 gallons of water.
Picked over 100,000 peanuts in the YWAM garden.
And laughed, cried, played with and listened to 210 orphan children share their stories.

We’ve seen with our own eyes 7 chickens and 3 goats lose their lives to our dinner plates.
We’ve eaten 100+ packages of Malt & Milk Biscuits [our favorite South Sudan treat].

Six new songs have been written [including myself].
Some have played nearly 25 games of “Mono Deal”.
We’ve celebrated 2 birthdays [one turned 19, the other 21].
And have made 1,000,000+ memories together.

As we head into the second half of outreach, I am so grateful for what God has already done.

– I have watched my students stretch and grow.
– I’ve watched students step out during village evangelism to share the gospel message from Genesis to Revelation.
– I’ve watched students break free from fear and deliver sermons to church congregations and youth seminars.
– I’ve watched students struggle as they lay down their rights to live in community.
– I’ve watched students question the faith of their youth only to grow closer to Jesus.
– I’ve watched students burst into tears as God gives them more of His heart for His people of South Sudan.

Co-leading an outreach of students is the most humbling, stretching, difficult, exciting experience of my 30 years of life. This is my greatest lesson in serving. I am responsible for people’s lives, discipling them to follow Jesus with their whole hearts, and making sure their time is extraordinary. My dependence on the Lord has strengthened as well as my need to hear from Him daily.

Our next 40 days will be filled with more mercy ministry, evangelism and discipleship. We are in the process of communicating with Cathy, a Ugandan working with Confident Children out of Conflict in the capital city of Juba. She recently rescued a young girl from sex trafficking from a place known as “Hell’s Gate”. She would like us to run two camps – one for girls and one for children in a slum. Please pray as Esther and I work out the details. It is much more expensive to live in Juba and budget is an issue.

On February 24, four of us plan to fly up to Wau to build another rain catchment tank for a new YWAM base. The details of this trip are still up in the air. Please pray as we ask God for guidance, direction and wisdom.

Our team is small and young.
Moments can be challenging.
For some, this is their first time away from family and it can be difficult.
But we are growing close as a family.
Continue to pray for unity.
Pray for continued health. Besides a few stomach aches, we are doing very well!

Please pray for me as I co-lead this glory team.
Pray for the Lord’s strength and wisdom.
I know I cannot lead well without His guidance each and every day.

I will land back in Kona on March 12, 2012. I hope to share more [including photos and videos] in the weeks to follow.

I love you all!


“Art should cause violence to be set aside.” – Leo Tolstoy

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